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DIY Holiday Glass Candle Display- An Upcycled Craft

Learn how to create a beautiful holiday glass candle display using upcycled materials with this DIY craft project. Perfect for adding a festive touch to your home decor. Find step-by-step instructions and inspiration for this creative and sustainable holiday project. Recently, I have been feeling very festive and have been enjoying decorating, baking, and much more. I noticed that I had a few glass jars and old candle jars around my home, and I wanted to create something simple. I thought a candle display would be great and easy to create. If you have any pasta jars, old candle jars, or any glass jar this craft is perfect for you! For this project, you will need the following materials: Frosted Glass Spray (I used Rust-Oleum) Gold wire Stretch cord (optional) Holiday greenery, berries, and any holiday decoration can be added Flameless tealights Mini ornaments (I used one for this project) You can find flameless tealights at your local Big Lots store. A pack of 10 with extra batteries c

Easy Dollar Tree Christmas Floral Tray Centerpiece

Create a stunning and affordable Christmas centerpiece using Dollar Tree items. This easy DIY project involves a decorative tray and beautiful floral arrangements that will add festive charm to your holiday decor. Hello! I’m excited to help you create a beautiful Christmas floral tray centerpiece. This craft is perfect for beginners and is simple to create. Most of the materials you’ll need can be found at your local Dollar Tree store . To create a Christmas floral tray centerpiece, you will need the following materials: One rectangle tray (The Dollar Tree has these labeled as Charger plates) One foam block 1.9 in x 3.9 in x 11.9 in (You can purchase this at Walmart or Dollar Tree) Floral (I used about six bunches of holiday floral, a mix between floral and glitter pinecones) One frosted candle holder One mini tealight LED battery-operated candle Variety of ornaments - You can use any for your design (I am using one reindeer and one Church ornament) Hot glue Wire cutters Creating the c

DIY Dollar Tree Wood Crate Vase Holder

 DIY Dollar Tree Wood Crate Vase Holder Hi everyone, I'm back! I'm excited to share a simple craft that you can create in 10 minutes. I went to my local  Dollar Tree last week, and I came across these really cute vases/bottles with gold leaves on them. I instantly pictured them displayed, with mini lights, but I just wasn't sure how I wanted to display them.  After walking around the store for a little, I decided to also purchase a wood crate. I've been working a lot with these wood crates, and I knew I could come up with a quick craft to display these beautiful vases.  So if you're ready come along with me, and let's create this quick, and simple DIY wood crate vase holder.  Materials needed: Two glass vases with leaves Purchased at Dollar Tree Gold stickers Purchased at Joann's craft store Black paint One bundle of Greenery  Scissors/ wire cutters Total cost around $6 For this project, you can also add LED lights. This is optional, but I absolutely love ho

Atlas Tea Club- Tea from Thailand

 Hello everyone! I was delighted when the lovely people at Atlas Tea Club contacted me again to try out some more amazing tea. I really enjoyed the first tea box they sent me, and you can read all about that experience in my blog post titled "Atlas Tea Club - My Tea Box Review." I'm excited to share my personal experience and love for this tea from Thailand. Atlas Tea Club takes you on a journey exploring different teas from around the world. With each box, you get to discover new flavors, cultures, and communities with every sip. Each month, you can explore a new country and its tea culture. Make sure to check them out and browse their wonderful selection of tea. I'd like to start off by saying that I loved the new packaging. The packaging was beautiful, vibrant, and unique. After receiving my package, I visited their website to check out more of the new packaging designs, and I absolutely loved it. It really adds a nice touch, and it definitely stands out. Tea from

October things.

  October has arrived, and with it comes a noticeable drop in temperature. My husband has just completed the construction of a firepit in our backyard, and we've had the pleasure of using it a few times already. As the nights grow colder, I've resorted to switching on the heat in the morning. It's worth noting that the leaves have transformed into wonderful shades of red, yellow, and orange, which are truly wonderful to behold. I'm always in awe of the beauty of change. Lately, my schedule has been quite packed with my daughters' school activities and creating new crafts. My husband was fortunate enough to receive two job offers, but we ultimately decided to decline both of them due to the quick relocation they required. In the future, we plan to be more strategic with our decision-making. A few individuals have asked us why we're interested in moving, but we believe that it's simply time for a change - a new adventure. Recently, my youngest daughter and I c

DIY Coffee Station Table

 Hello everyone! I'm excited to share my wonderful DIY project with you. I've been planning to create a coffee station to showcase my Keurig and other coffee accessories. During a recent visit to Lowes with my husband, I decided to build our own table for the coffee station, just outside the kitchen. To my surprise, the process was worth the effort and quite easy. In this post, I'll provide all the details of the project. DIY Coffee Station Table Materials needed 2 packs of the Hairpin Metal legs (one pack comes with two metal legs) $22 each 1 spruce project wood panel Metrie 3/4inx16inx36in $11 1 can of Minwax wood finish penetrating stain 8 fl oz/ 237 mL  (I went with Honey 272 as my color choice) $4.98 Minwax Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner 8 fl oz $6.98 2 sponge brushes For this project, we used a speed square to mark lines on the wood. And you will also need a drill Creating your table It's worth noting that you have the freedom to choose any wood size that fits your sp


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