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Rainy day, please stay..{Currently}

 I'm embracing these rainy days. Ah, the smell of rain.- So fresh. Perfect weather for a snuggle, a cup of coffee, and of course for the little ones to splash in rain puddles. We've been having a few thunderstorms late at night. Today it has mostly been a light sprinkle. - I'm enjoying this very much. Currently -Baking an apple coffee cake in the slow cooker. -Piles of books lay on our living room floor.  -My oldest is singing. She enjoys this very much. And of course, her little sister can't stop smiling. -A warm cup of coffee awaits me in the kitchen. -Rain is coming down. It really is relaxing. -I've started a load of laundry. Something about doing laundry on a rainy day... -Math lessons are set aside for our oldest. -We'll get to them later this evening. For now... We will enjoy our time together on this rainy day.


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