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Summer.-You were good to us.

Summer, you have definitely treated us well. We enjoyed our time doing so much together.  Painting, water play, brewing sweet tea, building tents, bubble blowing, chalk doodles, cooking together, summer nights out on the porch, and lots of hugs and sweet kisses. We'll cherish these moments.  I'm truly happiest at home with my family. Thank you summer. -You've been so good to us! Tomorrow our oldest starts 1st grade.  We're so proud of all the hard work she's always doing. She's eager to learn more and she will be taking on some 2nd-grade work as well. We're so happy to see her grow and learn so much more. We'll continue to enjoy the upcoming weeks of summer and  make even more memories.  It's been an awesome break!  Until next time, so long summer break. 


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