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10 Ways To Decorate Using Artificial Plants

1. Add plants on a floating shelf. Whether you add a simple shelf or a floating shelf with decorative brackets, adding plants to these shelves can bring a simple decorative touch to any space. 2. Create a plant space in your home where you can get the most natural lighting. 3. Use coffee cups, tea cups, or even espresso cups. You can add tiny plants to these cups and set them out in your kitchen. You can choose bright colors to create a pop of color. 4. Add your artificial plants to pots with creative designs. You can choose colorful, creative patterns, or even solid color pots. Select a style that best fits your home decor. 5. Use decorative woven baskets to place your plants in. 6. Use small plants to place them on bookshelves. You can add them between books or at the end of your books. 7. Use mini pots in your design. 8. Hang artificial hanging vines from shelves. Choose an area in any room or multiple rooms, and create a shelf that has some sort of h


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