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Snow Day.-10 things to do on a snow day.

10 things to do on a snow day 1. Play in the snow - Get your kids out and enjoy some time out in the snow. 2.  Choose a few of your favorite books and cozy up and read. Whether  you read a book for your enjoyment, or you read to your kids. Enjoy this time. 3. Make some warm cider or cocoa  - You can start early in the morning, and prepare either your cider or cocoa in a slow cooker. This way you can sip on it throughout the day. 4. Watch some shows together - Catch up on one of your favorite shows, or enjoy a family-friendly movie/show together. 5. Make a snack mix. - Create your own snack mix. This is great for when you are lounging around and keeping warm by the fireplace.  6. Put together a puzzle - Do you have a puzzle that you put away and haven't finished yet? If the answer is yes, maybe take this time and put it together.  7. Play a few board games - Set out some board games and enjoy playing them as a family.  8. Build a blanket fort - T


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