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Our week. So long October, hello November

  “Sometimes the little things in life mean the most.”   ―  Ellen Hopkins ,  Glass { Evenings seem so peaceful } {A trail of magnetic letters has been scattered throughout our home} {mints for sweet tooth kind of days} {Chocolate chip pudding cookies} {Coffee/banana smoothie} {Play time} {Coloring} It's been a wonderful month. We spent this month baking, painting, coloring, learning, preparing for colder weather, and enjoying each other's company. This week my daughter and I enjoyed reading a few Halloween books, along with coloring a few coloring sheets. We did some fun learning activities and enjoyed a few tunes on Pandora's toddler station.- Of course, we danced around, and sang out loud!  This week I had the pleasure of trying out a few new recipes. One recipe that I really enjoyed was the blended Coffee/banana smoothie from  cookincanuck . I loved the combination of the nutmeg, and cinnamon when combined with t

Weekend love {❤}

Baked apple cinnamon chips, sweet kisses, and cool gentle breezes-Oh how I love weekends. This weekend I made some delicious baked apple cinnamon chips. And may I add, our home smelled absolutely lovely! We enjoyed this sweet healthy snack as the autumn sunset.  (Recipe below) baked apple chips Lately, I've been doing a lot of baking. I've been flipping through a few cookbooks, hoping to find a recipe that stands out. We have used our cookbooks quite a bit in the past. This weekend I made us a delicious dish, -Grilled kielbasa with pesto sauce and noodles.    ( how-to-simplify-Grilled Kielbasa and pesto penne ) This weekend, the weather was beautiful. The temp stayed in the mid-'60s, with a light cool breeze. I've started gathering gloves, sweaters, and even winter hats just to have them ready for when the cold weather decides to stick around. I've started preparing our home for winter weather. Tucking away summer blankets, and


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