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Spring Break: A list of free fun things to do with your kids.

First, start off by picking up an event calendar from your local library. This will help you find free events in your area. Some libraries even provide a magazine for your local area that has events, and programs listed. Also, you can search the Internet for free events in your area.   Attend a free event for kids at your local library. Set up a picnic at the park Watch a movie outdoors Fly a kite on a breezy day Play at the playground Visit the nature center, and go on a mini hike Create a blanket fort Make dinner together Enjoy an evening playing board games Enjoy some stargazing Attend a free museum day in your local area Go on a bike ride Paint outdoors. Set up an area outside with paintbrushes, paint, paper, and water. Just enjoy the sunshine and create art.  Go on a treasure hunt Create some crafts   Create some sidewalk art with chalk Splash in some water.- Set up sprinklers and enjoy or visit a splash pad Blow some bubbles Enjoy dinner outside Have a


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