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Saturday relaxation

Today has been a relaxed Saturday for my family and me. I rarely have days that we can just lag around and not constantly be on the move. Every weekend we have a nice family breakfast, and my husband and I enjoy a nice cup of coffee together. Our daughter loves mornings in our bed when she wakes. She usually wants us to read to her, and snuggle of course.  I absolutely love weekend mornings, when my husband is able to be home and share those moments with us. Today we read a few books, and I did my usual laundry. And I went over a few activities with our daughter. We just took the time to watch VeggieTales: "Sweetpea Beauty" on Netflix, and what a cute inspirational movie it turned out to be. If you have a daughter, you should watch this with her. We really enjoyed it, and we loved the song at the end of the movie.

Beauty of being outdoors

We live in beautiful Colorado, and we love being outdoors. Something about the fresh air, and people around you hiking, and biking just makes you feel so energized. Since we have lived here for a few years now, we have explored and hiked and found that the Garden of the Gods is just beautiful. We like to visit the Garden of the Gods in the summer. Last summer we went out to visit while my sister was in town, and she fell in love with it. If you are ever visiting Colorado, it's a place you should definitely stop by and visit. I promise you will love it. It's beautiful!!

Toddler time at the library

So today despite the high winds, my daughter and I made it to story time. Well here at our library they call it “toddler time.” They play music, read books, and participate in sing-alongs. We make it a point to read to her every day, it’s something we enjoy doing with her and she loves it.   When I was pregnant with her, I would read to her all the time, I absolutely loved feeling her kick and move around when she heard my voice. They also have a product called lullabelly, ( which I loved having during my pregnancy, it’s for both mother and baby.   This is actually from the Lullabelly website (Lullabelly is the safe, comfortable, and convenient way to play music to your baby in the womb!) So what do you enjoy doing with your child? I’m always trying to come up with new activities and see which events I can take her to since she is at the age of wanting to explore and learn new things. So for now the toddler time here at our local library is what we at

Tea time...

Nap time for my daughter means tea time for mommy. :)

Learning is so much fun!

So since my daughter was an infant we started using sign language. When she was little, she was able to tell me "more mommy" using her hands, "milk", "eat", and "all done". It's amazing how they learn so quickly. It definitely came in handy.  We have purchased videos flashcards, and books that provide different sign language techniques. Now that she is almost two, she has so many new words in her vocabulary, that it amazes us! We still continue teaching her words by signing them. The benefits of teaching your child sign language are endless. Here is an article I came across which states the benefits of teaching sign language: Today we have also worked with color sorting.  I've taken a few clear plastic cups, and written out each color on each cup. (I buy the big bag of pom poms from Joann’s craft store) I'm sure you can find them at any craft store. I start of

Red and Gold kind of day :)

Red and Gold kind of day   

The Very hungry Caterpillar

I have read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle at least five times today. My daughter is in love with this book, and she loves how he turns into a beautiful butterfly in the end. What is your child's favorite book? I'm sure this is one of her favorite books; she seriously has a mini library! (And she's not even two yet, and I swear she has way more books than I did when I was her age!)

Our little nature walk

It's so nice out today! Considering it's winter here in Colorado, the temp reached a pleasant 52 degrees. So my daughter and I decided to go on a little nature walk. She's going on two this year, so she's all about exploring.  I love taking her on walks when the weather is nice, and letting her explore nature. Today we brought a tiny bucket with us, and she picked up a few rocks and a leaf to add. I discussed the different textures, and appearance of each rock. (So she learned about textures, shapes, and appearance) all while enjoying the beautiful weather. How are you enjoying your day?  Until next time, much love to all


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