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These days...

                       These days we are up to a whole lot of fun stuff! :) The temps have stayed steady in the mid 80's and so we have been spending a lot of our time outdoors. My daughter and I enjoy sitting out on the back deck in the evenings when there's a nice breeze. Today I took my daughter to story time, and after we enjoyed a nice lunch with daddy. We just recently bought a complete learning system for preschoolers. Our daughter just turned two in April, we just figured we can get a head start on a few things with her. :) I've been enjoying some card making, and working on a few other projects. I'm hoping to soon open my online shop. Yesterday I was able to enjoy some of my Korean Barley tea, which by the way I love! Korean restaurants normally serve a cup of this tea while you wait for them to complete your order. I actually ordered a box of this barley tea from amazon. Dongsuh-Roasted Barley tea bags .  My mom used t

Personalize it!

Personalized Envelope Materials needed stamps washi tape decorative flower pen marker paint What a simple project and a fun way to personalize an envelope when sending out a handmade gift. Enjoy 💕

Weekend love~♥

    This weekend we enjoyed some lovely sunny weather. We did some yard work, and I continued to work on planting a few more vegetables. This weekend my husband and I also had fun dealing with a grumpy toddler. Our daughter has officially started throwing her diva tantrums! (Oh boy) :) Today it rained and so we stayed in and enjoyed some family time. We may still go on a hike, but that all depends on the weather. I hope you all had a lovely weekend as well.         {This weekend I made us a delicious sweet snack, pretzels dipped in white chocolate-my oh my, they were yummy.}   {Cleaning out the garage, I was able to find my pretty butterfly pot}  {My husband made us pizza, and normally our daughter loves it, but this time she was way too grumpy to enjoy }     {I enjoyed some quiet time and read through my crafting magazine}   {The mountains were beautiful off in the distance} I love this time of year.    


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