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Our snow day.

“Snow falling soundlessly in the middle of the night will always fill my heart with sweet clarity”  ―  Novala Takemoto ,  Missin' (Novel) Snow began to fall last night, we snuggled under covers and stayed warm... Morning -  hot chocolate with mini marshmallows... Reading my thriving family magazine... Enjoying the white fluffy snow... Snow-covered herbs... My shrubs and a few of my surviving flowers are covered in the snow... Reading activity-The Snowy Day... Interactive snowy day activity My husband made our little one 5 little snowmen... (Latex glove, permanent makers) Preparing to stay warm... Playtime in the snow... Snow-covered scarecrow... Folding winter clothes... Pug pajama pants. Currently listening to Michael Buble-Home

Exploring art-textures, clay, crayons, paint and more

   Exploring art activity 1{ What do you see? } My daughter absolutely loves this. For this activity, all you need is a mirror, and washable window markers/crayons. My daughter enjoyed creating her beautiful self-portrait. Exploring art activity 2-{ molding, painting and stamping clay } This week we started working on clay ornaments.  We molded, stamped, and painted.  We explored textures and colors. 

Weekend love {A little bit of everything}

This weekend was simple. Pretty relaxed, and our time was spent at home. My daughter had a taste for chocolate pudding, and strawberries on the side. She sure did enjoy it. (recipe at bottom of post)  Clafoutis ,-French pancake . Sunday morning, my husband prepared this, and it was a hit! We used strawberries instead of blueberries.   Recipe I'm so happy we decided to make our daughter an art/play easel. Ever since she has been using it for her letters, and art time. We use it during the week when learning letters, and counting. Feeling inspired, and creative... This weekend also included some card-making for my business.  stephaniescharmingcreations Pesto chicken sandwich- What a simple and delicious meal.  We enjoyed this with some waffles and fries. A bit of a sweet tooth- My husband decided to make us some spiced apple popcorn. This recipe asked for apple juice concentrate. We also went out and picked up a candy thermometer. A del


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