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Autumn.-Our days.

Isn't it beautiful how with each season comes to change? My favorite season of them all is Autumn and I'm so glad that it has arrived. With each day that passes, we see change and it's really important to capture each moment. I look back on pictures that I've taken and I'm amazed at how so much has changed over time.  My flowers in the garden are still showing off their beautiful colors, but some are slowly fading away. I normally cut a few and bring them into the house and display them in vases. My fall decor is out and today there is a cool breeze in the air. My oldest has been busy with school. Our youngest just turned four this month. They are always making us smile. I'll celebrate my birthday this month and I'm actually looking forward to a few changes. My husband just had a big promotion and we are just so thankful.-God is good all the time!  Our days are busy, but our days are always filled with so much love. These days I'm just reall


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