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My very own play flower garden

This little diy craft was so much fun! I came up with this since my daughter enjoys helping with my garden. Materials needed: construction paper empty box  scissors glue stick cotton flowers I used flower and little chicken cupcake toppers. I purchased these adorable little toppers at Target in the dollar section around Easter. optional-washi tape paper towel roll/ or TP roll {Play water can}  When creating the water can start off with cutting your paper towel roll in half.  If you're using a tp roll then you may not need to cut it. Using construction paper cover the roll. I used tape. I found it to be easier. I made a small hole and inserted some construction paper I had rolled into a tube shape. I then cut out a circle for the actual water spout. After doing this I used some glue and glued it to the tube shape. Using washi tape I went over and covered a few spots. To make your water can handle just cut your paper towel tube into a ring s

Craft time-(Diy Popsicle stick box)

Popsicle stick box Materials needed: hot glue  Popsicle sticks paint It really is a very simple craft. Using popsicle sticks apply glue to ends of popsicle sticks and apply each one. First start off with making a squared frame using four popsicle sticks. Once that is done continue to apply hot glue and popsicle sticks. Repeat until you reach the height you want for your box. Once finished, apply paint, and allow it to dry. You can add whatever design you want to your box. Enjoy! 

Earth day craft {Little fingers, paint...have fun}

I love when I come across a craft, or idea I would have never thought of doing! That's probably one of the reasons I love pinterest! I love sharing, and reading new ideas on pinterest. Such a great site. So today  my daughter and I did an Earth day craft. While on pinterest I came across a link for this fun site- . I wanted to try out their "join hands earth day craft". We had so much fun with this craft! Materials needed: -Little fingers :) -Paint -Craft paper              

Baking, Jewelry making, play-doh fun & more..(Our weekend)

  This weekend we made sure to enjoy, and do things around the house. How was your weekend?! I enjoy the times I get to spend with my family, just being able to be at home with everyone makes me so happy. It's always such a lovely time. I love weekends.   This weekend, I had a sweet tooth... I ended up baking some Chocolate chip cookies. They sure did hit the spot! ;)   My daughter and I  had fun playing with Play-Doh!       I finally bought some new running shoes from REI, so over the weekend I picked a new issue of Women's Running magazine. {I feel great after a nice run}      I worked on making a pair of earrings and a necklace.       Rock and glass painting, was so much fun.         And we are getting closer to finishing our daughters' art easel. Just a few more coats of paint!        


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