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Our week.

This week: -We had a special play date. Playtime and a Halloween craft are included. My oldest was thrilled to have her friend over. They played, worked on a craft, and ate some delicious blueberry muffins made by my friend. -Worked on decorating our pumpkins. This year instead of carving pumpkins we decorated one and dressed up the other.  It was such a fun time. -Headed to the library. We checked out some books and attended storytime. My oldest danced and played with a few other kids. I take this time and chit-chat with a few other moms. -Ah, it's nice. -We made pumpkin cookies. -Of course, we did, it's fall time! ;)  -I purchased a few more cloth inserts for my cloth diapers. -So far I am absolutely loving this whole cloth diaper experience. - I'll have to post more about it soon!  -Found a mom and baby yoga video on youtube.-  Mum &Baby Yoga . Very cute video. My little one seemed to enjoy the gentle movem

Autumn- Tea and coffee for two

I really enjoy this time of the year. The air is cool and sweaters are being worn. I've started to gather mittens and scarves. Preparing us for colder weather. I enjoy making apple cider and having it go through the day in the slow cooker. -It smells amazing! We enjoy walks out, a gentle breeze in the air, and the sound of the leaves gently falling to the ground. -We're all very happy and content these days.  I just recently had the pleasure to enjoy a tea/coffee date with our oldest daughter. Of course, it was pretend play. She wanted to be just like mommy and daddy and use the real stuff. I took a used k-cup and cut open the top. We  Used the coffee grinds from that and created our own brew system. Meanwhile, we brewed some tea. I really enjoy playtime with her. We take this time to explore, talk and spend that quality mommy/daughter time together.  As always our time spent together was wonderful.- I absolutely enjoy times like this. How are you spending your


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