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Simple Spring time flower popsicle stick craft

Simple Spring time flower popsicle stick craft   Very simple craft & fun! This craft is one that my little one loved.        

Friday-{Have you smiled today?} :)

It's not quite spring weather here, but I'll take it. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and there's a cool breeze in the air. It's a new day, and I'm extremely thankful for it. Today I smile because, I am thankful for life, and the life God has given me. Art/craft time with my daughter always makes me smile :)        {A nice cup of coffee, while writing in my daughter's journal always seems to bring a smile to my face}     {Finding an old book, and starting over with it, this makes me happy}     {I can't wait to cook a delicious meal, with my herbs} -They have grown so much. I can't wait to start my garden.     {I love collecting wine corks. They make a beautiful center piece in a vase or bowl}     {Hello Geese} I'm sure they can't wait to see some real Spring weather.   “The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it's all that matters.” ―

Pizza party fun activity {learning shapes, adding toppings}

We had such a fun time at our daughters play pizza party. Using construction paper, we put together a pizza and added some delicious toppings. :) This activity was fun, and very hands on. This was a great way to for our daughter to learn more about shapes as she explored with the pizza toppings. The toppings we had at our play pizza party were: Olives pineapples pepperoni bell pepper cheese Our daughter had so much fun arranging the toppings, and we also went over a few shapes as she placed it on her pizza. Such a fun activity for the whole family. Pin For later

The letter P, and diy learning activity lessons

We had so much fun learning yesterday! The letter of the day was P. We learned about Panda's, letter P coloring, made some peas in a pod, went over a few words that begin with the letter P. We also did some potato stamping. It was so fun. I started working on a  learning activity lesson book for my daughter. Inside the activities are: -Counting Apples -Alphabet bubbles -Days of the week -Colorful fishes & -What do you see 

Spring. A few of my favorite things

I absolutely love Springtime! Here are a few of my favorite things... I'm currently enjoying 1. Aveeno (Positively radiant) daily moisturizer. 2. Essie fingernail polish-Angora Cardi 3.Clinique {happy in bloom} I love the light scent {Bodycology exfoliating sugar scrub-enchanted forest} I know from time to time, I could use some pampering! I love this sugar scrub, it smells amazing! :) Soon I'll attempt to make my own, but for now I  purchased this at Target! I'm currently reading through one of my many jewelry/charm books. {A few wine charms I put together, and some pretty beads} So those are a few of my favorite things. Oh and there's one more thing... Every time this song comes on, my daughter and I dance! Enjoy! One republic-Feel again Source

Rattle & shake {exploring sounds} & Counting tulips activity

We always have so much fun exploring, and trying new activities. Today we explored a little with different sounds. For this we used: empty Gerber snack container paper towel roll paper cup plastic cup old medicine box plastic eggs I filled them up adding some  rice, beads and noodles.  We had so much fun with these. We did a little shaking, and even danced around for a little. We shook each one to hear the different sound each one would make. Such a fun activity. Enjoy, and have fun shaking! Counting Tulips This activity was so much fun. I took some paper cups that I purchased in the dollar section at target. I used a few of my plant/garden markers, construction paper and we made a few paper tulips. We cut them out and I just used some tape and taped it to the garden marker. It was really that simple and  a fun activity. I poked holes in the bottom of each cup as well.  My daughter had so much fun placing and counting each tulip. It was so fun!

lovely weekend..

I'm sad to see the weekend come to an end, but I'm happy to say I really enjoyed the weekend with my family. Here's what we were up to... Saturday, we took a trip down to one of our local libraries. They were having Llama's in the library . It was really interesting. They showed the children, and us parents  how they make wool, and they discussed the many ways they care for the Llamas on the farm. Everyone was excited to see the Llama they brought in.     We took a short trip down to one of the Train displays they have set up downtown. (Our daughter loves trains)     Of course I had to get a picture of the beautiful mountains :)   I love Colorado. :)     I did some baking,  I made some jam cookies..     {Jam cookies}           I did a little diy project with an empty container (I've posted that on another blog post) {Paint brush holder}     (We are building our daughter an art easel, and so far,

Creating {diy paint brush holder}

{DIY paint brush holder} For this project the materials needed were: -empty baking powder container -craft paper -scissors -gluestick Apply glue around container, and once you have cut your craft paper to the correct size, you're ready to place it around the container. It's really that easy, and it turns out super cute. (I also added a little washi tape to my container. :) Enjoy.


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