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Learning colors, friendly monsters..and water painting

We had such a busy and fun morning. We have been working on shapes, numbers and colors. Today we did an activity on colors. Using a paper plate, construction paper cut them into squares, and glue them onto the paper plate. I did the same for the clothespins. I made sure to write out each color above each square on the plate. My daughter loved it. We have done something similar to this but with shapes.  Onto our friendly monsters... A few months back we came across this cute book called, "So many monsters". We picked this cute book up at Target in the dollar section. It's about friendly monsters. Monsters who enjoy tea, and those who dress nice :) Our daughter loves when we  read this book to her. She really  likes when daddy changes his voice, and does a silly monster voice. :) With this book we made some popsicle stick monsters. We also enjoyed some water painting. Using food coloring and water. I taped up some ea

The Very Hungry Caterpillar activity

Our daughter loves the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle. We did a little interactive learning activity to go along with this book. This activity allowed my daughter to engage and interact with the book as we read through it. As you read through the book with your little one, your child can go through and pick out each item you read out loud. My daughter loved the caterpillar we created, and she even had him eating through each item of food. She made the munching sound and all. She's two and just loves exploring books. We worked on naming each picture, colors, and counting. She's getting so good at saying the days of the week. That's something else we worked on while doing this activity too. I just used construction paper, hole puncher, crayons, laminate, and scissors. Create and then have fun with your little one. :) Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children. -Charles R. Swindol

Hello May~

        Of course we needed one more snow day here in Colorado. :) My daughter was so thrilled to see more snow. As for me I'm ready for some Spring weather. (to actually stay for a while) I must say though, even though it was cold and snowy we stilled enjoyed this lovely day.   Tutu, bracelet, ring and necklace- she was all ready! A little fun with dress up.     One of my favorite things to do with my sweet little one is snuggle and read together. She absolutely loves books! Today we spent a lot of our time reading books.     We did a fun activity with the book "The very hungry Caterpillar"-by Eric Carle. A very interactive, fun, learning activity. I'll be sure to post about that in another post. Today has been wonderful, and I hope the same goes for all of you!            

Cool breezy evening..

Yesterday I had a long visit at the dental office, boy I dread those shots they give. I had work done on a cracked tooth. Afterwards all I wanted to do was relax! Once we got home, we made sure to enjoy the evening. The weather has been absolutely lovely these past few days. We enjoyed a nice evening out on the back porch. We grilled, enjoyed the beautiful sky as the sun set, and blew some bubbles for our little sweet one. Oh and before I forget, we enjoyed some sweet watermelon. Boy, it was delicious! (I even froze a few pieces and made watermelon slushies later on in the evening. Our evening was so lovely. I can't wait for this spring weather to stay. Last night actually made me think about cool breezy summer nights. (You know the nights you sit out, and kick back and relax) I'm so excited for more nights like this. :)         {The sky was beautiful} {Sitting out enjoying a lovely evening} {Yum, sweet watermelon}

Hello sun! What a beautiful weekend. :)

Sunshine, laughter, hugs and kisses, it's been such a lovely weekend spent with my loves. We enjoyed a nice beading activity. Our daughter loved exploring with the different beads. So fun and colorful!   -New candle added to my collection, light sweet fragrant. -I love targets beauty section, I picked up a deep cleansing mask. So refreshing, and very relaxing. We took our little sweetheart to Barnes and noble story time. While there we picked up two new books to add to her collection.       {Cinnamon roll pancakes} Yum, My husband got down in the kitchen :)   I was able  to fit in some card making this weekend,  I love creating new things!          It's been such a lovely weekend, I'm sad to see it go. The weather was beautiful, and sun actually came out and stayed for a while! We grilled, enjoyed each other's company, and listened to a little soft jazz.  How was your weekend? How did you spend it?    


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