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Made with love.

Just a few apples. Cinnamon. Brown Sugar. Butter. Vanilla extract. Flour. And a whole lot of  love . Mixing together.  Laughing together. Bonding together. Sharing these special memories together. This is what truly warms my heart.  This time..with my family. Preparing a delicious pie that we'll all share together.  I absolutely love this time together. Ah, perfect and made with so much love .

Days go by...

♥ My garden continues to thrive.  ♥ Peppers are on the way. --I'll add them to sandwiches, salads, and more!  ♥ Baby is now 11 months. Oh my! She's growing so fast. I'm still nursing and I am so very thankful. She's been enjoying some yogurt topped with pureed peaches. --Ah, she's in love.  ♥ New recipes. Ah, yes I enjoy baking. Recently made a batch of these yummy banana-peanut butter cookies.   ♥  They were absolutely delicious.  ♥ Our oldest daughter really enjoys coloring. I enjoy that time as well. I sit and watch her color so peacefully. --She doesn't know this, but when I watch her...I often think about all the amazing things she'll do when she's older. I'm already so amazed by her.  ♥ Block building is very popular in our home. Our littlest one is starting to enjoy this time building blocks with her sister.


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