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These days...

“You do not just wake up and become the butterfly"  Growth is a process.”  Rupi Kaur ,  The Sun and Her Flowers These days I am... Reading- The sun and her flowers by, Rupi Kaur Listening to You by, Petite Biscuit Enjoying every moment with my children. - It's true that they grow so fast. Growing some indoor plants Focusing on ways to better myself Taking photos of things that I love and enjoy. Pictures are so dear to me, but the people in the photos hold a special place in my heart ♡ Finding myself questioning why death happens. After the death of my father, I've really just questioned it over and over again. Feeling the sun on my skin.  Listening to my littlest one read.  Watching my oldest build a tower out of blocks Reminiscing   Dating my husband all over again Drinking my coffee black Watching the birds take over our front yard. - They must like the seeds we recently put out Adding to my garden.  Watching the bees buzz by  Eating


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