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Our summer days...

Hello, meet Lion, and spotty the dog. After making our paper plate tambourines (below) we used the rest of our paper plate to make these adorable play masks. :) So for the past few days I've been hearing "Roar" and "Ruff Ruff". It makes me smile every time!     (We enjoyed the sounds of our paper plate tambourine, we danced, and sang. It was absolutely wonderful.)   It's nice to see some color in my vegetable garden. :)   My daughter said "mom bee". So of course I had to snap a few photos of our garden visitor.       Our summer days have been spent enjoying rainy days and reading books. For the past week, it has been raining, and I absolutely love it. We have been enjoying the simple things in life. Baking, crafting, some gardening, and my daughter's favorite seeing rainbows after the storm has passed. It's nice to see new flowers have bloomed, especially the ones our daughter has helped with. So far

Weekend love. Creating memories

Friday was such a wonderful day, we spent our morning at the library. They were having a block party. They had vendors, firemen, police, games for children, and live performances.   We also had this lovely visitor visit our flowerbed {Hello hummingbird}       I absolutely love when it rains. We actually had a pretty good thunderstorm over the weekend. The rain came pouring down, and I of course enjoyed the nice breeze that came along with it.       My husband was anticipating the arrival of two books he recently ordered from Barnes and Noble. This weekend they finally arrived, and he was thrilled.     He's such a great Daddy to our daughter. They have such a beautiful father-daughter bond.   This weekend we also picked up a telescope, and sat out and looked at a few stars once the storm passed. We also spent a lot of time in the kitchen preparing delicious meals together. This weekend I made some stuffed peppers. These peppers had z


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