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Welcome Spring. Currently

I'm thrilled to have this beautiful weather around!  We welcomed spring with clear skies and weather in the upper 60s. I was able to open all windows and let in some fresh air. - Ah, refreshing.  Currently- - Finishing up this week's lessons with my oldest daughter. Reading, math, shapes, and the letter G. She's doing great and we're so proud of her. -My husband and oldest daughter have been working on a few science labs for his chemistry class.  -Picking out new paint colors and decorations for the girl's bathroom. I'm kind of in the mood for repainting and sprucing this space up.  -Taking down our St. Patrick's day decorations. Our oldest made a few shamrocks using- water paint, coloring pencils, and glitter.  -Enjoying our trips back to the library. I hadn't been going for some time. We eventually made our way back this week and our daughter met a few new friends. She's so excited about her n


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