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“Any moment called  now  is always full of possibles.”  ―  China Miéville ,  Kraken Lately. Rain visits us during the day. Nights are cooler and the sun shines perfectly.  We spend our time out on the porch.- Our daughter blowing bubbles and splashing away in her pool. My husband grills and I kick my feet up and enjoy these moments with my family.  Lately. Nature is absolutely beautiful. Rainbows appear after the rain and fields of flowers blow gently in the wind. Normally you can go on long drives and see nothing but sunflowers lining the side of the roads. -It's beautiful.  Lately. I'm nearing the end of this pregnancy.- 38 weeks next week.  I'm nesting, adjusting, and experiencing sleepless nights.  I've been experiencing contractions. Lots of contractions.  I usually sit them out, swaying my hips while sitting on my exercise ball. This is the time that our daughter prepares a special meal (play


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