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Packing for my hospital stay.

Truth is, I overpacked for my first pregnancy! My stay was short and we packed like we were staying for quite some time. I'm more prepared this time around. Packing less for mommy and baby. These products are a few products I'll pack in my personal bag. Not all products are pictured below. These are just a few.  1. Clean and Clear- Morning burst facial scrub . I absolutely love how refreshing this scrub is. Its light citrus smell will for sure refresh you in the morning. I'm sure this will come in handy for my hospital stay. It's actually a tiny bottle I picked up from Target. 2. Nivea Smooth Sensation . This lotion is light weight and has a nice soft clean scent. My skin tends to dry out. I can use all the moisture I can get.   3. Softsoap body wash. This time I'm packing smaller bottles of each product. It helps to not take up so much room. 4. Body Oil. I currently use this right after my shower. Just a few drops and your skin is left feel


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