Tuesday, April 11, 2017

10 things to do to start living a happier life.

  1. Each day take some time and do something you enjoy.
  2. Toxic relationships, emotional vampires, whatever you want to call them, we all have them. Get rid of them!
  3. Count your blessings! 
  4. Be around the people you love.
  5. Start your day with positive thoughts.
  6. Let things go.
  7. Limit your use of social media.
  8. Have a good laugh.
  9. Smile more.- It looks good on you!
  10. Take care of your health.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saying Goodbye.

Saying goodbye is never easy.  
So here I am.
 I'm taking it day by day.
 My emotions continue to run wild.
 My heart still aches.
There's this little voice telling me that it's okay to have all of these emotions.
Emotions are good for all of us.
I have my good days. But I also have my bad days.
I  remind myself that, even if the tunnel is dark...
there will be light at the end of that tunnel. 

I took a much needed break from blogging since the passing of my father.
I needed time to be alone, to think and have this time with my family.
I appreciate those of you who have been so kind and supportive through this tough time.

  We made our way to Texas on February 22, 2017. My brother and I planned the funeral to take place on Friday, February 24th. 

The day of the funeral, our father had his full honor ceremony with the Honor Guard. I had requested that the Patriot Guard Riders attend. I am so grateful for those who came out and showed their support. It was beautiful ceremony. So many people came out to remember our father. 
I had so many emotions run through me. I still can't believe that my dad is no longer here, but I know that he would be so proud of my brother and I. 
Like I said in my last post, I don't honestly think there is anything that can prepare you for the loss of a love one. 

I'll love you forever Dad.
May you rest in paradise.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A few ways to help you get through difficult times. And a few simple life reminders.


Things aren't quite back to normal around here, but with time we'll get there.
I've taken a break from blogging, since my emotions have been all over the place
My Father recently passed away.
 It's been a difficult time, but with prayer and faith, I've been able to pull through. 
I'm still finding it hard and I do have my moments that I think about how I will never be able to just call my Father up. You know just those simple, day to day conversations.
 I know that emotions are good and we all must let our emotions out. 
My family and friends have been so supportive. I truly appreciate it. 
Life is constantly changing. I never really prepared myself for something like this. Honestly, I don't think any of us do. Life happens so quickly and the people that we love can be taken in a split second. 

Let us all remember to enjoy this life.
 A few ways to help you get through  difficult times and simple life reminders.
-Love the people in your life.
-Remind yourself during difficult times that it is okay to cry. 
-We all heal, some of us take a little longer.
-Emotions are good. Let your emotions run freely. 
-Take time for yourself. Clear your mind, keep a journal and talk to those who are supportive.
-We aren't prepared for losing a love one. Nothing can prepare you for something like this. During these hard times, take a deep breath and let your emotions out.
-Hold on to happy memories. Don't dwell on things you wish you could go back and change. Just focus on the happy memories. When you were around that person what are some of your happiest moments with them?! 
-We may lose the people we love, but always remember that they will forever remain in our heart.

If you are reading this and you are in a difficult place in your life, or you have also lost a love one, please remember that it is okay to feel these emotions. I promise you will get through this. Whether it takes some time, you will get through this.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A sweet drink to warm you up:Coffee meets cocoa.

For this drink you will need:

2 chocolate pieces. We used Hershey bars.
Whole bean coffee or ground coffee. We used whole bean, but ground coffee will also work.
1 coffee mug
1 pot
French press

Start off by taking your chocolate bars and placing them in a small/medium pot. Stir them over medium heat. This will cause the chocolate to melt. If you are wanting more of a rich cocoa flavor, just add more chocolate pieces in.

Next, you'll want to take your milk and add that in with the chocolate. You'll want to add in just one cup of milk. Stir both the milk and chocolate together until it becomes smooth.  Allow this mixture to slowly come together. Turn the heat down to low/medium heat.

While those two ingredients are coming together work on preparing your coffee.
If you are using whole bean, this is where you'll want to take a teaspoon of your beans and add them into your coffee grinder.  If you are using regular ground coffee, simply scoop up one teaspoon of coffee. Take your coffee grinds and add them into your french press. Next, take your milk and pour it over the coffee grinds 

Let the coffee and milk mixture sit in the french press for about 2-5 minutes.
Press your coffee and milk down and pour it into your mug and enjoy!

We tried this recipe using a pour through coffee maker, 
but the milk was too thick to trickle through the coffee filter. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

A simple wreath for less.

I recently took a trip to the craft store and picked up a few materials for my simple wreath. 
I wanted to make wreath using blue, white and purple. The materials I purchased were all on sale.

Materials I purchased:
1 blue ribbon
2 purple birds
2 white clip on flowers
1 bundle of blue and white flowers

Cost of materials
Under $15

I already had a grapevine wreath at home, so I did not have to purchase one this time. 

Here's what you do:

Simply take your flowers and snip tool and make cuts to your flowers as you arrange them. If you don't have a craft snip tool, you can just take the end of your flower and bend it and tuck it through the wreath.  
You can also use thin wire to make sure your flowers are secure on your wreath. I normally just feed the flower through the wreath. 
My two birdies already had wires on the bottom. I used that wire and twisted them on the wreath. You can also use hot glue to keep your materials in place on your wreath. Now you can take your bow or ribbon and create any design you choose. It's really that simple!

Below you can check out my Easy Spring time wreath.
Just click the link below.
Spring is near.- DIY Easy Spring Time Wreath.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Snapshots from our week.

This week was long. 
We all caught an icky cold.
 We're still battling this cold virus.
We had cranky days.
We had good days.
Long nights.
Runny noses.
Early mornings.
And lots of hugs and kisses for our little ones.
I've gotten to snuggle more.

Oatmeal with strawberries, bananas, chocolate and almonds. And a sprinkle of my oat cereal. It was pure bliss. 

A simple breakfast for me. My banana nut cereal with a few slices of bananas. 

This was my mommy moment. Morning, the sunlight was shining in and I sipped on my tea. Even if it was just for a few minutes, it felt wonderful. 

Using my essential oil diffuser at night. 

I love this bathroom cleaner spray.  It smells so nice and I use it when I'm not using Lysol wipes.

The littlest one building with blocks. She said she was making a castle. 

While we prepare dinner, our little one is lining things up on the kitchen floor.

Working on lessons with our oldest daughter. She giggled when she read this book to us. 

We were still up! Since catching this cold we have had longer and later nights.

I made a quick visit to the craft store. Purchased some flowers, ribbon and a few other accessories for a new wreath. I'll be posting about it soon.  

This week while my girls napped I made two decorative vases. If you haven't checked it out, just click this link A vase for every space.

I hope you all have had a wonderful week.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A vase for every space:A quick diy project

This project was simple and quick to complete. 
I love displaying fresh flowers in our home and so I figured what a great way to display them. 
You will just need a few materials and I promise you will love the way it all comes together in the end. I honestly could not decide on which room to put them on display. I ended up putting them in the master bedroom. 

Materials needed
-Vase, any size will do.
-Lace ribbon
-Burlap tape
-Fresh flowers

I chose burlap tape because it was quick and simple to attach to the vase. Apply it around your vase and that's it! Now working with the lace material, I used some craft glue and applied that to the lace and slowly wrapped it around the vase. This actually took a little more time compared to using the burlap tape. 

Once you're all finished, take your flowers cut the stems and add in some water and plant food. 
Now you're ready to display them. It really is that simple and what a simple way to add color and beauty to any space in your home. 


Friday, January 13, 2017

Snapshots from our week.

At the end of the night..
Warm and cozy.

What a beautiful sunset.

Bedtime routines.
Teeth are being brushed.
In between there are giggles.

Of course I put her vase on display.
 Our 5 year old created this clay vase just for me.

Library days.
This week we spent a lot of our time attending library events.
We really enjoy this time.
Books, stories, music, art and wiggling  and giggling. 
It's a fun time for all!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

That old peanut container: simple way to upcycle that used container

I love simple do it yourself projects.
Last weekend I was about to throw out two empty peanut containers.
Suddenly, I remembered that this was the year that I wanted to get a little more organized. 
I've been organizing our home from top to bottom. 
I decided to take these peanut containers and make little trash bins. 
One for the main vehicle we use and the other for my nightstand. 

Materials needed:
1  empty peanut container
1 sheet of crafting paper

Start off by removing the old label on your peanut container. 

Next, you'll want to wrap your crafting paper around your container. 
If you find that it does not completely cover the container, cut out a single strip to use later.

Tape your crafting paper to the container and then make necessary cuts to the paper using your scissors. Once this is done, take the last piece of crafting paper that you cut out earlier and place it over the spot that you were unable to cover. Take some clear tape and apply it to the container. 

Now this part is up to you, but you can keep the lid, or throw it out. I actually kept the lids for it. Especially for the one I'll be keeping in the car. I also added a few antibacterial wipe packs to the bottom of the container. It really comes in handy when you have children.

 I purchased these tiny purple bags from Babies R Us a few years back. You can use any bags you choose, but you want to make sure they are small and will fit in your container. 
 You're all done! Yes it really is that simple. 
I hope that you have enjoyed this simple way to upcycle that old container.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Blogging: 8 ways to help improve your blogging journey

1. Blog about things you love.
This is so important! Never allow yourself to start blogging about things that aren't from the heart. My blog focuses on my family, recipes, crafts and just moments in between. Since I enjoy creating things with my family, I figured why not share some of those things. 

2. Don't get stuck on the number of followers you have. 
It's not about the number of followers you have, but about the readers who engage with you and your blog posts. I've noticed a lot of people focus on the number of followers they have and not really focus on the interactions they have with their readers. 

3. Open up to new opportunities. 
I've been asked many times to participate in reviews of products. I normally say yes, depending on what the individual is asking of me. I think it's a great idea to open up to these new opportunities because I honestly believe it does help you grow as a blogger and it actually brings new readers to your blog. 

 4. Don't be so hard on yourself.
We all get busy and the last thing you want to start doing is being hard on yourself about how behind you are on your blog posts. Honestly, it is okay and your readers will still be there when you return. Yes, blogging is great experience, but we all still have our daily routines and we get busy.

5. Take a lot of pictures! 
I love capturing moments of my life and sharing them with my blogging community. Sometimes, I'll actually just have a post on snapshots of our week. Try and capture moments to share on your blog that you love.

6. Don’t comment on blogs and be in a hurry to say, "follow me at....." 
Honestly, I think that it's a bad move. When I first started off blogging, I did notice a lot of people doing this. I figured it was a trend and the thing to do. But now I know that it really is not the thing to do. If the blogger finds your blog interesting enough they will follow you on their own.  Think of this, if you tell someone to follow you and they eventually do, was it really because they found your blog interesting, or was it simply because you told them to follow you? 

7. Follow blogs that you find interesting, don't just follow and comment on blogs just because you want the same from them.
 Yes, your numbers go up and you get more comments, but in the end you haven't really gained readers who genuinely enjoy reading your posts. Let it come naturally. Engage with your readers, join blogging groups and share your thoughts there. With time you will see that your blogging really does pay off and you will enjoy engaging with your readers.

 8. Engage more with your readers. 
From time to time ask questions and try to comment back. I appreciate all of my readers and this has been a wonderful journey. Thank you for coming on this blogging journey with me. 

Enjoy your blogging experience.

These are  some tips I have found helpful with blogging. These are all my opinions and may work for some, but not all.