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Mint Iced Green Tea - A simple recipe.

Mint Iced Green Tea -A Simple Recipe Looking for a simple and refreshing drink? Try this easy recipe for Mint Iced Green Tea that will cool you down on a hot day. Enjoy the minty and soothing flavors in every sip. What you will need 4 bags of Green Tea Honey Lemon Ginseng Celestial Seasonings 2 cups of room-temperature water 1 cup of hot water Spearmint leaves  (put as many as you would like) Sweetener of your choice If you are using sugar, add two tablespoons (This will add some sweetness, but not too much) Making your drink... Start by adding your tea bags to a pitcher. Next, take your spearmint leaves and add them to your pitcher.  (make sure you rinse your leaves in warm water before adding them in.  I used some from my garden, so I wanted to ensure they were bug-free.)  Pour 1 cup of hot water to completely cover your tea bags and leaves. Now you are ready to pour the next two cups of water.  Make sure you steep your


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