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Hello beautiful day..

Today has been such a lovely day. Today my husband celebrated another year of becoming younger, of course! ;) No but really we celebrated his birthday, and boy what a lovely day it turned out to be. I was so thrilled to see that the gift  I ordered from shutterfly had arrived. I had a customized book made for him. It was a gift from both my daughter and I.  He absolutely loved it!     We also enjoyed a nice lunch at Bj's brewhouse.  Once we arrived back home we enjoyed some play time with our daughter.  We played with some blocks, and did some butterfly catching. :)       Later on in the day I baked a delicious strawberry cake..               It was yummy, I topped it with a strawberry whipped topping I put together. Also with some fresh strawberries, and drizzled chocolate. It was a hit! :) I'm really enjoying my husband's leave time right now, so I haven't been doing a lot of crafting. Just enjoying this time spent w

Hello there little bunny...

Well hello there little bunny. We came across this cute baby  bunny while doing some yard work yesterday.     This morning my husband looked around for a ground nest. We did a little research last night, so he went out and looked around our backyard. He was successful at finding the ground nest. Inside there was one more baby bunny.     Isn't it cute!? We had to explain to our daughter that this was not our pet, and that we must stay our distance, and that they are not alone. We have seen the mom come and go for their feedings. I think they will move along soon, until then we have some tiny little bunny friends. :)    

weekend love-family time is the best!

              Chalk, park days, paint, endless dancing, these are the joys of having a toddler. I couldn't be happier. The weather has been lovely here in Colorado, and so we spent a lot of our time outdoors again this weekend.  Besides being outdoors, we did some reading, and crafting ( Paint/beaded sun-catchers) . We also did some fun activities on my daughter's easel.   We enjoyed planting some new flowers, my daughter painted a clay pot for her very own seeds. We added a few seeds in her pot, this way she can enjoy helping me when I go out to water my plants she can water hers as well. (Something she really enjoys doing) :) I  did some crafting while sitting out on the back porch. I worked on my mason jar lantern. Diy mason jar lantern         My husband made us some delicious chicken quesadilla's on the grill, and jalapeno poppers. He is taking two weeks of leave starting Monday, so that might explain his overly cheerf

Diy mason jar lantern

Diy Mason jar lantern   Materials needed: -Mason Jar -Washi tape/or fabric -Wire -wire cutter -beads -LED tea light   This project was so much fun, and pretty simple! (I can't wait to use it when we sit out on our back porch at night) :)   Start off by wrapping washi tape/ or fabric around your jar. Next select your beads you want to decorate your jar with. Add your beads to your wire. Using wire wrap it around the top portion of your jar, and add your wire with the beads to the main wire. Make sure everything is secure. At the top of your wire twist and make a loop for hanging. Add your LED tea light, All done! It was really that simple! Enjoy~               “it's a smile, it's a kiss, it's a sip of wine ... it's summertime!”    -Kenny Chesney          


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