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DIY-Valentine frame art display and a bonus craft

Looking for a unique way to display your Valentine's cards or artwork? Try making a DIY Valentine frame art display! This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process and help you create a beautiful display. We've also included a bonus craft idea to add an extra touch of love to your home decor. As a parent, I'm always searching for creative ways to showcase my daughters' art and this Valentine's Day frame craft is a simple and adorable option. Materials Needed: - Picture Frames - Sticker Valentine's hearts  - Glitter hearts (These were not stickers, but I'm sure you could find some that are) - Paint - Glue - Paintbrushes Decorating the frames I purchased my materials from the Dollar Tree store, but you can choose any store of your choice to get them. This is a simple craft that kids can enjoy doing.  Just set out some paint, paintbrushes, and frames, and let your kids paint their frames. I could have picked white frames, but I decid


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