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Easy Dollar Tree Christmas Floral Tray Centerpiece

Create a stunning and affordable Christmas centerpiece using Dollar Tree items. This easy DIY project involves a decorative tray and beautiful floral arrangements that will add festive charm to your holiday decor. Hello! I’m excited to help you create a beautiful Christmas floral tray centerpiece. This craft is perfect for beginners and is simple to create. Most of the materials you’ll need can be found at your local Dollar Tree store . To create a Christmas floral tray centerpiece, you will need the following materials: One rectangle tray (The Dollar Tree has these labeled as Charger plates) One foam block 1.9 in x 3.9 in x 11.9 in (You can purchase this at Walmart or Dollar Tree) Floral (I used about six bunches of holiday floral, a mix between floral and glitter pinecones) One frosted candle holder One mini tealight LED battery-operated candle Variety of ornaments - You can use any for your design (I am using one reindeer and one Church ornament) Hot glue Wire cutters Creating the c


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