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July. Life lately

We spend our time together... I'm happy when we're all together, enjoying simple conversation and laughter. Its summer...I'm pregnant, hot, and sore these days. Still trying to stay positive through it all. I'm enjoying, sweet decaf tea, blended smoothies, and iced decaf coffee. I'm content and it cools me down. We're currently going over a series of preschool workbooks. - But still... building blocks, coloring, and other hands-on activities are what our daughter enjoys the most. These days, I'm enjoying my exercise ball. Sitting, relaxing, or just swaying my hips from side to side.- Brings so much relief to this discomfort I am now experiencing. We got a glimpse of our little one a few days back. She was moving and grooving all over the place.  It's been raining these past few days.- I'm talking pouring, flooding, kind of rain. So, of course, we splashed in puddles and danced in the rain.-It was absolu


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