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Our Adventures.-The Denver Art Museum

We decided to take a day trip to explore the downtown Denver area. On this particular day, my husband and I were celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary and wanted to have a mini date that included time with the kids as well. Our adventure started with us eating at the Cheesecake Factory. We wanted to make sure our tummies were full before we took on this day trip. The food was amazing, and we just really enjoyed this time together.  The weather wasn't so cold, but we still made sure to bundle up in warm coats. The Denver Art Museum is located in the Civic Center of downtown Denver. I also learned that this museum is one of the largest art museums between the West Coast, and Chicago. -We learn something new each day. This was actually our first time visiting the art museum.  During our visit, we viewed some beautiful and very creative pieces of art.  This museum has 70,000 objects in the museum's collection. There are approximately 18,000 in the Native Arts


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