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8 Fall Date Ideas For Couples

  1. Go on a hike Explore one of your favorite hiking spots, or find a new spot to explore. Depending on where you live, you'll be able to enjoy the beautiful sights of fall foliage. If you explore early morning you might even want to watch the sunrise together.  2. Create some Autumn art There are many free paint channels on YouTube. One of my favorite art channels on YouTube is    The Art Sherpa . She has free paint tutorials and provides step-by-step instructions. This makes a fun date night! 3. Take a day trip to the pumpkin farm  Go out to the pumpkin patch, and choose which pumpkins you'll want to take home.  Take some pictures, and just enjoy your day together.  4. Go apple picking This is always such a nice treat. While apple picking enjoy some fresh cider 5. Enjoy a nice picnic Pack some goodies, and enjoy your beautiful surroundings. 6. Bake together Find some delicious fall recipes, and enjoy this time baking together.  7. Go Camping Make plans to go camping. This is


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