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Think Positive. -Replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Someone says you can't achieve your dreams Oh yes, you can! Let me let you in on a little can do anything and everything you put your mind to! There's no need to prove anything to anyone. - But always remember you matter, and so do your dreams. Go chase your dreams!  So you think you don't matter You sure do matter!  You are here on this earth for a reason. -Get out there, and shine!  You want to try something new, but you think it may be too challenging Give it a try. Honestly, you won't know if it's challenging unless you try. Hey, and remember a little challenge is good for us. - Take on that new challenge.  You're not pretty enough To who? Remember this, you are beautiful, inside and out. Try this, take a few sticky notes and write something positive about yourself on each of those notes.  Place them on your mirror. Each day read one of them. Soon, you'll see just how much those things matter. You are absolut

Peaceful moment.

This peaceful moment... My daughter just finished her weaving loom project. She was pretty excited. This will make the perfect gift for her grandmother. I admire her creativity, and I'm excited to see her mature in some of the activities she enjoys. Each Thursday, I'll be posting a photo taken during a peaceful moment. What was your peaceful moment this week? Leave a comment below or on Google+ letting me know what your peaceful moment has been this week. I love hearing from you all.

Morning Kick-start.- An oatmeal recipe post.

Oatmeal topping recipes 1. Orange Extract, Bitter-sweet Marmalade and Diced orange peel. 2. Banana and Chocolate chip. (Dark chocolate is  also an option). 3. Peanut butter and Jelly. - You can even crunch up a few pretzels and add them on top.  4. Cinnamon. Drizzled with icing.  5. Brown sugar and raisins. 6. Strawberries, drizzled with Strawberry fruit syrup. (you can use a variety of fruits to top it). 7. Pumpkin puree. 8. Cinnamon, maple, diced apples, raisins, and nutmeg. 9. Cranberries. Topped with granola 10. Lemon extract, lemon zest, topped with icing. 11. toffee pieces, and caramel drizzle 12. Almonds, sliced banana, and almond butter 13. Blueberries, and blueberry syrup 14.  marshmallow fluff, chocolate pieces, and graham crackers 15. coffee extract, vanilla cream, and toffee pieces Enjoy. Pin/share for later


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