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DIY Dollar Tree Mirror Upgrade

Transform your plain Dollar Tree mirror into a stylish and unique home decor with this easy DIY mirror upgrade. You can discover budget-friendly ways to give your mirror a fresh look and add a touch of elegance to your space. This DIY project is quick and easy; you only need a few materials to give your mirror a new look. So, if you're ready, let's create your own mirror upgrade! For this project, you will need One pack of diamond gem wrap One mirror Floral Hot glue Wire cutters/ Scissors You can purchase all of these materials from your local Dollar Tree, or any other discount store you might have in your area. I purchased the mirror and gem wrap from my local Dollar Tree.  My floral was purchased at my local Michaels craft store.  My total for this project was around five dollars. First, take your gem wrap, and cut around four long strips of your wrap. Once you have done this step, take your strips and remove the paper backing when applying them to your mirror.  When removing

DIY Dollar Tree Valentine's Clay Pot Floral Design

 Hi everyone!  I took a quick trip to my local Dollar Tree, and I was so excited to find a few items to create this really cute craft. I created two Valentine clay pot floral pieces. This DIY project is super easy and does not take a lot of time.  And most of my materials were purchased at my local Dollar tree.  The rest of the materials I had on hand.  I purchased the pots, foam roses, and floral foam. This craft was around four dollars.  Materials needed - One pack of the clay pots It comes with two Paint I used white, and pink One pack of pink foam roses White faux flower- Optional Twine Hot glue Floral foam piece A pack of lace hearts or something similar  First, take your clay pots and apply a layer of white paint around, and on the top of your clay pots.  Allow the first layer to dry, and after applying a mixture of the white and pink paint for your second layer. Set your pots aside, and allow them to completely dry. Next, take your clay pots and twine. Using some hot glue, apply


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