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Summer reading-Ten Apples up On Top! by Dr. Seuss

We have been reading tons of books lately. Today my daughter chose Ten Apples Up On Top, by Dr. Seuss. After reading, I decided we could make a learning activity. Materials needed: Craft paper Laminate sheet (I chose to laminate everything) you don't have to -Magnetic tape -Crayons -Craft paper -Scissors Draw a  few apples, and color them. Now you can draw your lion, tiger, and dog. I used yellow craft paper and figured I wouldn't color them. After doing this, add your paper with apples, and the one with each character to your laminate sheet.  Once you have laminated both sheets of paper, cut everything out. When you're all done with cutting each of them out, using some magnetic tape cut them into small squares. Apply magnetic tape to each apple, and character. We used my daughter's Art easel, which has a magnetic chalkboard. (My husband made it) Now that you're done, have some fun counting the apples! My daughter l

Summer fun- Activities for little ones

This week we have been very hands-on with learning, and fun activities! Outdoor water/bubble play  My daughter always has such a fun time playing with water and bubbles.  We took a few items out of the kitchen and experimented with different ways to blow bubbles. We splashed, dumped, and strained the water, it was so much fun.  Yesterday we decorated a rock and made a little Rock pet.  We even made a little bed for it. :) This is a fun activity for little ones. Very hands-on. Materials: Tissue paper Craft eyes Jewels pom pom We did a fun and simple counting activity. All you need for this activity is counters, paper, markers, and a few colors We made some cute paper bracelets.  My daughter decorated them with stickers, jewels, and washi tape and colored them. I just punched out a hole and added some yarn.

Our trip down to the Library.

This morning we headed out to the library. During the summer our library has special events and crafts for the kids to do. Today they were having -Discovering African Folktales with Denise Gard, and her dog (Border Collie) Sienna. The kids participated as she told stories and her dog Sienna did tricks. The kids loved it. My daughter absolutely loved the dog. Denise made her dog do tricks, jumping through hoops, and shaking hands. What a wonderful morning with my little sweet one.    

Weekend Moments.

We had such a lovely weekend. We played, danced, laughed, made cute crafts, and just enjoyed being a family.   This weekend my husband and daughter enjoyed some craft time together. They made paper plate fish. I absolutely love watching them spend quality time together. Our little one really seemed to have enjoyed this time with her daddy.         Saturday morning, a little after breakfast my daughter and I enjoyed some time out on the back porch. She colored for a little, and I enjoyed my cup of coffee. It was so nice out. We had a nice breeze, and the birds were chirping. It was wonderful.     We took out some of my daughters' counting foam blocks and attempted to sort them by color. She rather mix them all up and toss them around.  :) We eventually sorted them all out as we counted them.      This weekend we enjoyed some time reading some of our daughters' favorite books. We really enjoy reading to her. She loves snuggling up and grabb


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