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Peaceful moment.

This peaceful moment... I was admiring how the sun gently came down on my cactus plant. I recently purchased a little cactus garden. A little addition to our kitchen. I gave it some water and placed it on the windowsill.  I'm sure it was happy for both, water and sunlight.  And I was happy to have added a little plant to our home.   ♥ Each Thursday I will be posting a peaceful moment.  I would love to know what your peaceful moment has been during the week or a peaceful memory from the past. :) 

Life.- Our little daily adventures

And here we are. Feeling blessed. Extremely thankful. Creating memories. Just being US. Our little daily adventures... Ladybug friend.- Our oldest was thrilled when this little visitor came by for a quick hello. Her face lit up and my heart smiled. Morning. - Baked banana bread with chopped pecans. -We enjoyed the morning sunlight, banana bread, and a variety of toppings. I adore mornings. - Gentle sunlight, open windows, birds chirping, and lots of morning giggles and sweet gentle hugs.- Ah, the BEST! Gardening. - Potted plants, vegetables, and lots of garden visitors.  Sunny days.- Visits to the splash pad, library events, chalk doodling, and creating memories that we'll cherish for a lifetime.  **** May your days be filled with love, happiness, and beautiful moments. As always, thank you for coming along on my blogging adventure.


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