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Warmer weather..

It's beautiful out today. The sun is shining, there's a nice breeze in the air, and the little birds are chirping. :) I took our daughter out for toddler time this morning at the library, she seemed to enjoy it . They sang, they danced, and read books. I've been sorting through my nail polish case, and I'm currently wearing -Essie- Scarlett O' hara. Such a lovely red.       Our pug loves to sit out on the back porch and soak up the sun.     Warm weather for our daughter=Splashing away in her kiddie pool       We love going to the zoo, and visiting with the animals. Our daughter loves it!       Now that it's warmer out, we enjoy sitting out. My husband loves to grill. And who could forget about the bubbles. Our daughter loves bubbles! How do you enjoy the nice warm weather?          

Tea party-Diy paper tea bags

I absolutely love creating things. Today my daughter and I had a lovely tea party. We had some tea, pastries, cake and cookies. Sometimes I sneak in some real treats during our play tea party. She loves it! Today I decided to create some paper tea bags for her tea party. Materials needed: craft paper stapler yarn washi tape/optional stamps Glue shape puncher/heart shape Tea Bags -Start off by tracing out your tea bags.  Using paint, create the colors you want for your tea bags.  Once they are dry you can now stamp on your tea bags.  Using your stapler add a few staples leaving only an opening on the top  portion of your tea bag. Once that is all finished insert your yarn. Staple the yarn from the inside of the tea bag. Tea Tags -Using craft paper, staple to end of yarn.  Using hearts or whatever shape you have glue them to the tag. You can also use washi tape like I did. Enjoy!

So far this week... :)

So far this week, it's warming up! The temps have been in the 80's, and I think it's time for some splashing around and bubble popping outside with our little one. I finished up a dental appointment without any pain (Thank goodness).  My husband was training for a race, which he just completed today. Working out has become more of a lifestyle, and not something we dread. (Especially since we have been doing it for a while).  Sunday we did the Burpee madness video, boy did I sweat! So far this week, I've enjoyed some art and craft time with my sweet one. I've worked on some card making, and this morning I grinded some coffee beans, and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee. My Thriving Family magazine finally made it in. It's a free magazine from (Focus on the family) I haven't been able to sit and read through it, but I'm sure I will soon. I made some yummy Chocolate chip banana muffins this morning. (They were a hit) :)      

Lovely weekend..

  "Quack.. Quack" We visited with the ducks in the library over the weekend. We read stories about ducks, and learned a few things about them. Our little one loved it. {And of course we did a little duck craft} :)           My husband started up the grill on Saturday. He made his delicious burgers, and I started on some Garlic, Cilantro fries. I was excited to use my Cilantro from the garden. :)                 Mother's day was beautiful. Any time spent with the ones I love is always so very special to me. We enjoyed a nice breakfast together. We shared some beautiful memories together, laughed, and maybe even cried. I love my family so much!   I hope you all had a beautiful mother's day as well.  


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