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Feeling better.

We spent some time playing market.-Fresh produce, milk, scoops of ice cream, pastries, flowers, and pottery. By the time our daughter is done with her shopping, she could probably use two carts instead of one. I enjoy the time that we play together. We're feeling better. This cold seems like a stubborn one. -I'm thankful that I am finally able to fall asleep without tossing and turning most of the night. I've been using our humidifier at night. - It has helped me with my breathing. Last weekend we couldn't resist the warm weather. We headed out to the park and surprisingly it was empty. We played for a little and headed home. I'm finally able to eat without the urge of vomiting, I'm so relieved. I've been enjoying tea (decaf) with milk. - Lately, I've enjoyed fruit and morning smoothies. I snack on carrots and I enjoy a nice turkey sandwich loaded with lettuce and tomatoes. I'm now in my 14th week of pregnancy. -Our daug


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