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Our week.

  This week definitely feels like Fall has arrived here in Colorado. I know it hasn't, but the rain, and cool days and nights sure have me thinking otherwise. I guess you can say I'm a little impatient for the arrival of Fall. :)   I've been spending the week looking after our sick little one. She's come down with sniffles, and sore throat. (She's even losing her sweet little voice). I've been using one of our humidifiers, and running steam showers. She likes to sit in our bathroom while I shower, while the steam clears her little nose.   In the midst of all of this, somehow she still finds the energy to play and do some hands on crafts.  I've been so busy this week, I think I was able to get an hour on one of the days to enjoy a cup of coffee, and some breakfast. When our little one is sick, she enjoys snuggling, and having books read to her. I can honestly say snuggling, and reading to her is one of my favorite times. I remember when she was so

Rainy day and craft day.

  It's been raining, and I love it. We need more of it! Yesterday we were stuck in the house, and so we decided to get ready for the Fall season, So we created some fun fall crafts.    Autumn inspired-Little Hands Art   This was such a fun craft to do with my little one. All you need for this craft: -Little hands ;) -hole puncher -scissors -twine -Washi tape -Paint   Dress the scarecrow activity   For this activity create your scarecrow, and outfits to put onto your scarecrow. I laminated everything, all done! Enjoy this simple, yet fun activity!  

Interactive Reading: The Snowy Day, written by Ezra Jack Keats

Today the book chosen by my two-year-old was The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. When I read her stories we tend to interact whether it's through puppets, drawings, or even painting. (Sometimes even short plays) She seems to really enjoy the interaction. Today we did some interaction using her Magnetic Easel board. If you would like to create your own interactive story here is what you will need. Materials I used for this simple activity were: Craft paper Crayons Pieces of magnetic tape scissors laminate sheet We created the little boy Peter, a snowman, a few buildings with snow packed on the roofs, snowballs, and snow hills.  It was so much fun! My daughter was Peter throughout the story, and she even made him throw a few snowballs. We did some counting, and color identification, and made peter walk up a few snow hills.  Pin For Later

The feeling of Autumn.

  Beautiful evening sky     Lemon bread   Sugar/olive oil scrub   The nights are cooler, and we seem to enjoy more time out on the porch. Evenings are spent in the kitchen with our back sliding door open so the gentle breeze can make its way in while we prepare dinner. Over the weekend, we enjoyed a nice bike ride. It's been something our daughter has wanted to do since we had taken her on her first one a week or so ago. I really enjoyed the view of the mountains, and just being out enjoying the fresh air. The evenings here in Colorado are really starting to feel like Autumn.  Over the weekend my husband made his delicious chocolate coffee truffles. (I've made sure to do portion control, it's just so good! I also baked some lemon bread. (The kind you find at Starbucks.) I set out on a mission to find a recipe that was similar and finally came across one. I was thrilled, and had to bake some. :) This weekend I've been enjoying the nice scent

Happiness Is.

  Happiness is, waking to a new day. I'm extremely thankful for this. I find happiness in my daughter's smile, her little laugh, and the time I am able to spend with her. Happiness is knowing that the man I call my husband, is loving, caring, wise, and such a wonderful Father to our daughter. I feel so blessed. I find happiness in simple things-the sweet aroma of pumpkin spice, the scent of clean linens, or even finding a pair of infant socks that once fit our sweet little one.-Oh the joys of motherhood-I love it so much! Happiness for me is a gentle touch reminding me that everything is going to be okay. A smile when I need cheering up the most. Hugs, and kisses from both my daughter, and husband. (Suddenly everything is okay again.) Rainbows, thunderstorms, dancing, and creating new memories with my sweet one fill me up with so much happiness. Happiness is knowing that I can brighten a loved one's day. Happiness is being able to share my love,  and


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