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Learning together.

I can tie my shoes! Hands-on learning for little ones We're exploring and learning new things. -"Mommy I want to tie my shoes". I'm enjoying these moments. Teaching, creating and watching my daughter learn new things each day. I'm truly thankful for this opportunity to show her so many new things. Materials needed: -cardboard -shoelace -scissors -paint **And also a big thank you to those who shared in on our joy in my last blog entry. I appreciate all of you! Thank you for sharing in on our happiness. Pin/Save/Share For Later

Beautiful bright light...

And just when you think things aren't working out and your days seem hectic remember... At the end of the tunnel there you will see that beautiful bright light . I've taken a short blogging break.-One that I feel I needed. Of course days are still hectic, but that's life! Today we all got to see that beautiful bright light. Today I had my very first ultrasound after having to reschedule. I'm currently 20 weeks and my due date is set for September 16th.  I'm happy to announce that we are expecting our 2nd sweet little princess.  We were so very excited to see our little beauty. -Our daughter has already made plans to sit and enjoy some tea when her little sister arrives. Today we enjoyed the beautiful bright light and embraced every minute of it. “Where there is love there is life.”  ―  Mahatma Gandhi


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