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Sunny days.

Sunny days. - Kite  flying - Outdoor play - Robot crafts - Planting seeds - Gardening -Trips to the library -Making music It's been hot! Honestly, the temperatures here shouldn't bother me as much. After living in Arizona for so long you would think I could handle Colorado temperatures. -Pregnancy in hot weather has been tough!  -I'm dealing though. I make sure I'm staying hydrated and cool on hot sunny days. On sunny, breezy days we enjoy our time outdoors. Lately, we have enjoyed our time flying kites. Our daughter enjoyed her first time flying a kite on Father's day weekend. That day the sky was clear, there was a gentle breeze and everyone seemed to enjoy their time at the park.  I'm spending evenings out in our backyard. Gardening and pruning plants. I replaced my last strawberry plant and this one is actually producing strawberries. Currently, in my vegetable garden, we have three different types of peppe

Light up a room.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” ―  Albert Einstein Quick and easy lightbox This weekend we created a simple and easy light box for our daughter. She has a big imagination and always wants to create new things. We took a plastic bin and drilled a hole in it. This is for inserting the plug through. At the store, I picked up a few bulb lights along with other items. Gel clings and glow-in-the-dark stars. At home, I gathered some clear stones, red vase gems, and a few other items we had around our home. We had a blast with our simple lightbox. . We'll eventually make our daughter a bigger light box, one made out of wood. For now, she's enjoying this simple lightbox! Pin for later


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