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Crazy Little Love Birds Link Party #7

Welcome to Crazy Little Love Birds link party #7. I'm so happy you decided to join us here and share your creations. I'd like to start this party out by saying thank you to all of you who shared at the party. You are all amazing. I enjoy visiting each of your blogs!    I hope you are enjoying the wonderful fall weather. How was your first day of fall? Did you experience cooler temperatures where you live? My family and I had a wonderful day outdoors, taking a nature walk and spending time in the yard. I was able to open the windows and let the fresh air in, which was wonderful. Surprisingly, I didn't get a pumpkin spice latte - I just enjoyed a cup of brewed coffee at home. We celebrated our youngest daughter's 9th birthday on the 16th of this month. She requested a delicious strawberry ice cream cake, which I was happy to make for her. As for me, my birthday is today!  My wonderful husband has decided to make me an Oreo ice cream cake! I'm really looking forward t

Fall Crafting Inspiration: My Favorite DIY Projects

Get inspired with these DIY autumn crafts! From floral wreaths to pumpkin decor, discover a few of my favorite projects that will bring the cozy vibes of fall into your home. I've put together a few of my favorite autumn crafts that I've made. I love that these are easy to create and really any skill level can dive in and create these too!  Here are some wonderful ideas for fall crafts that you can easily create To begin with, we have a wonderful fall floral display that uses glass yogurt jars , which is a beginner-friendly craft and a great way to recycle these jars. Next, we have two exciting crafts where we use Mod Podge, decorative napkins, and other embellishments to decorate a metal can and a glass, creating wonderful fall floral decorations.  Glass jar Autumn decoration  and  Fall floral display using metal can Thirdly, I have created an adorable and affordable fall fox garland. If you have an unused picture frame at home, this fall craft is perfect for creating your ow


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