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Fun little exploring activity for little ones. :)

We enjoyed another rainy day. Once the storm calmed down we did some more playing, reading, and a few educational activities. Today we did a little fun activity I call exploring nature with a play magnify glass. Which by the way is so easy to make. Materials for play magnify glass: craft paper glue popsicle stick/used for the handle clear plastic wrap/or tape which I used for the play glass part crayons for drawing animals/insects, etc Once I was finished making it I also laminated it so that our daughter wouldn't tear it. This was such a fun activity to do with our little one. She had so much fun exploring. She took her play magnify glass around the house and found a few more things. I love watching her learn. “Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” — Albert Einstein

To my lovely readers...

  I love each and every one of your comments! Some bring me laughter, other's bring me inspiration, and I love the ones that bring a big smile to my face! You all are wonderful! I thank those who take the  time and read my posts, and I truly appreciate your kind words. I blog because I enjoy writing, and sharing my personal thoughts with other's. I'm inspired by so much in life, and being able to share this with you all is something I enjoy. I have come across so many great blogs, and met some awesome bloggers! I'm thankful for you all. Again to my lovely readers.... thank you!

Rainy day toddler art collage

I'm definitely not singing the "rain rain go away " song. We are loving it! We need the rain. :) Inspired by this lovely rainy day we're having, we decided to make a rainy day collage. My toddler loved doing this! Very hands on, and it also allowed my daughter to be creative with the different colors. Materials needed: -Paint -Glue Stick -craft paper -pain brushes -water This is a great project for little hands, and I'm sure your little one will enjoy! My daughter had so much fun painting, and exploring with the many colors. Enjoy! We also read a few books, that mention rain. It's been a lovely afternoon. Pin it for later

Fruit cards & Bookmarks

       {Toddler Fruit Flash Cards} -Laminate sheets -Paper -Paint -marker -Scissors So inspired by my toddler, and our ABC funky flashcards we made a while back. I decided to make Fruit flash cards! Fun way to learn about a few different fruits. Now since I had some left over laminate sheets, I decided to make some laminated bookmarks. {Laminated Bookmarks} {These would be great as a gift for someone who loves books} 

Diy simple Card packaging

Simple DIY card packaging Materials need: Paper bag Scissors Washi tape Stamps/ink This project is so simple. Start with cutting a paper bag in half. Both sides will have an opening. After doing this fold the bottom half of the paper bag. Once this is done apply your washi tape to the folded end. Now just apply your stamp. I used my flower stamp. It's really that simple. You can also add ribbon, fresh cut flowers to your packaging, or even some painted flowers. Once you are finished you can insert your card. All done! Enjoy!

DIY Spring sewing pin cushion with storage

{DIY SPRING PIN CUSHION} Materials needed: An empty candle jar with a lid Hot glue gun ribbon the fabric of your choice Optional decorative flower Scissors poly-fil Start off by cutting your fabric to place onto your lid. I took a marker and traced a circle a little bigger than the lid Using my poly-fil I glued it onto the lid.  After I  took my fabric and covered the poly-fil and started gluing my fabric to the underside of my lid. I usually have bad luck when doing this and it seems as though the lid won't close completely But I used a thinner fabric and the top actually grips the jar, so it worked out. Your lid should be able to fit securely onto your jar. I then took my hot glue and applied my ribbon around the bottom of my cushion. This is optional, but if you would like, add a flower to add just a little extra cuteness to your  pin cushion. Enjoy!

Weekend {love}

{ Flowers from my honey } He's always so thoughtful     { Bird's Nest }     Water fun  { Bubbles }       { Our fish was so happy to get some new plants }     {Hello sun & beautiful mountains}       Our weekend consisted of- A nice nature walk, yard work, play time at the playground, some dancing, laughter, sunshine, (more)-spring cleaning, snuggling and reading books, Sunday  is our pancake breakfast together. (It's always so lovely) How did you spend your weekend?


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