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Fun crafts, and activities for kids.

To create bubble art, you'll need food coloring, bubbles, bubble wands, and art paper. It's best to do this activity outside. Begin by mixing the food coloring with some bubble solution. Once done, let your kids have fun creating their very own bubble art! For more ideas and inspiration, click the link below to view our bubble art experience. Exploring bubble art Learn how to create beautiful flower sun-catchers using fresh or silk flowers, along with paper, tape, laminate paper, and paint or crayons. Follow the link below for instructions. Create your very own flower sun-catchers Create sailboats with plastic cups, straws, and tape/washi tape. Follow the link to see how we made ours! Create your very own plastic sailboat For making a silly robot, you will need a toilet paper roll, foil, beads, craft eyes, pipe cleaners, paint, and hot glue. Check out the instructions to make one! Silly robot To create a colorful box monster, you will need an empt

Living your best life.-Quotes to inspire, and bring hope.

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?  I'd love to hear it :) Pin/share for later


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