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Crazylittlelovebirds Link Party #1

Welcome to the Crazylittlelovebirds link party! As a first-time host, I am thrilled to see what you have to share. This is the perfect platform to showcase your family-friendly posts, latest recipes, creative crafts, and inspiring home decor ideas. Let's start the party and see what amazing content we can all discover together! In my latest blog post, I revealed an easy technique for crafting a fall-inspired frame art display that I'm excited to share with all of you. I would greatly appreciate it if you took the time to check it out.-- DIY Fall Picture Frame Art Display All features will be pinned over at  Crazylittlelovebirds link party Featured board Don't forget to have a great time and make connections with your fellow bloggers. Joining the Crazylittlelovebirds link party grants me permission to showcase your links and images on my social media accounts, complete with a mention of your blog name and a link back to your site. You are invited to the Inlinkz link part

DIY Fall Picture Frame Art Display

Greetings, lovely people! I hope you're all doing great. I'm thrilled to present to you a fantastic autumn-inspired picture frame art display that's easy to make. With just a handful of materials, we'll be painting, incorporating faux sunflowers, and any other fall-themed embellishments of your liking. Are you eager to create something new? Then, without further ado, let's get started! DIY Fall Picture Frame Art Display Materials that you'll need One frame- Any size will do. My frame is 4 in x 6 in Paintbrush Faux sunflowers-I'm using the paper craft sunflowers from Dollar Tree Acrylic paint -I'm using Waverly chalk paint yellow, and I decided to use brown acrylic paint -You can use any paint of your choice Twine or craft rope Floral cutters Scissors Craft pipe cleaners- I'm using one in this craft Hot glue or any other adhesive of your choice Applying paint to the picture frame To begin, carefully remove the stock paper from inside the frame and set


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