Wednesday, October 12, 2011

life as we know it!

I've been enjoying my time with my daughter, so happy that she is here in our lives, she brings us closer, she brightens our day. Amazing how fast they grow! Everyday she's learning something new, and it amazes us! She's such a little beauty! Baby Brezza-Um if you don't have one and you want to make your baby's food from scratch...GET ONE! Well worth it, it steams, blends, and in a snap your baby has healthy homemade baby food! We love it! 6 months and going strong with the breastfeeding, I'm so proud of myself, I have exclusively given my baby breast milk from birth until now. It was a bit of a challenge but now it's like part of our daily lives! My plan is to give her this until her first birthday whether it be me pumping breast milk, I plan on her having just my milk, no formula! (And I refuse to sit and point fingers at those who are not breastfeeding) Every person is different, and we all have our own choices we make in life. Breastfeeding is just something I stand by, and enjoy doing for our daughter. :) Life has changed quit a bit, we are busier than ever, we enjoy more naps over the weekend and as a family we have grown, not to mention life with a baby is just so fun!