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Crazy Little Lovebirds Link Party #39

  Welcome to The Crazy Little Love Birds Link Party!  Our party is a platform to share inspiring content such as recipes, family-friendly posts, crafts, home decor, and anything that motivates you. Hello everyone, and thank you for joining us for link party #39. I'm happy to have you here, and if you are new to the link party, welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here.  I enjoy reading and appreciating each post left at the party. Thank you all for supporting this link party and sharing your wonderful posts. Congratulations to our featured bloggers! Parsimonious Décor Darling shares a Very Patriotic Entryway For Memorial Day. Two Chicks and a Mom share Patriotic Goodies and Decor.  Thrifting Wonderland shares an exciting road trip with new sights and experiences along the way. Nutz About Stamping shares a beautiful gift idea using the Painted Lavender stamp set. Be sure if you pin any of the posts mentioned above that you pin from the original post from the blogger's blog! 

Stay-at-Home Summer Fun: Activities for a Memorable Season

Today, I'm excited to share some creative and enjoyable activities that you can try in the comfort of your own home. 1. Backyard Camping Adventure:    Set up a tent in your backyard or indoors if you don’t have outdoor space.    Gather cozy blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags.    Roast marshmallows over a portable fire pit or stovetop.    Share stories under the starry sky. 2. DIY Water Balloon event and water stations:    Fill up colorful water balloons and have an epic water balloon event with family or friends.  Set up “bases” and create teams for added excitement. For those who do not want to throw balloons at each other, they can toss the balloons onto the bases to create a splash!   And don't forget to set out a sprinkler or two for furry friends too! Creating water stations is fun and refreshing, utilizing splash pads and sprinklers to keep everyone cool during the summer.  Don’t forget to capture the laughter and splashes on camera! 3. Create a Summer Playlist:    Cura


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