Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh boy! We've got a picky eater...

In our home we are currently dealing with our toddler being a picky eater. I never imagined this would happen, when she an infant I breastfed her until she was about 13 months, and I made her baby food, with our baby food processor. Now that she is going onto 2 in April, she is pickier than ever!!!
She used to be into vegetables, and for a while I could make healthy sandwiches, but now she refuses to eat some of these things. My husband has told me several times not to give in and give her something else to eat when she refuses to eat what we have made for her. (It gets so hard sometimes) It turns into a battle on some days, she will pick at her food, and I need to remind myself that maybe this is just a phase! (Fingers crossed)
I’m sure many parents go through this, but I guess I just wasn’t prepared. I love cooking different foods,(I’m half asian)and in our home we love spicy foods. I have noticed that she loves to eat spicy foods, but lately she has been in a mood in which she has refused all foods during dinner. So I'm trying my best and making it work, and slowly it seems as though there may be a comeback with her eating foods she once enjoyed. I'm really hoping. :) Did you ever deal with a picky eater? (And if so how did you overcome it)-Was it just a phase? I'd love to know. Until next time, have a beautiful day. -Stephanie