Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My very own play flower garden

This little diy craft was so much fun!
I came up with this since my daughter enjoys helping with my garden.
Materials needed:
construction paper
empty box 
glue stick

I used flower and little chicken cupcake toppers. I purchased these adorable little toppers at Target in the dollar section around Easter.
optional-washi tape
paper towel roll/ or TP roll
{Play water can}

When creating the water can start off with cutting your paper towel roll in half.  If you're using a tp roll then you may not need to cut it. Using construction paper cover the roll. I used tape. I found it to be easier. I made a small hole and inserted some construction paper I had rolled into a tube shape. I then cut out a circle for the actual water spout. After doing this I used some glue and glued it to the tube shape. Using washi tape I went over and covered a few spots.
To make your water can handle just cut your paper towel tube into a ring shape. Once that is done glue or tape it to the play watering can.

My very own flower garden

Using an empty box cover it with construction paper.
Cut up some green construction paper for grass.
Glue your flowers in the box.
We Used cotton balls as clouds,
and we made a little sun.