Sunday, May 5, 2013

Diy spring sewing pin cushion with storage {using candle jar}

Materials needed:
-{Empty candle jar with lid}
-{Hot glue gun}
-{fabric of your choice}
-{Optional decorative flower}

Start off by cutting your fabric to place onto your lid.
I took a marker and traced a circle (a little bigger than the lid)
Using my poly-fil, I then glued it onto the lid.

 After I  took my fabric and covered the poly-fil, and started gluing my fabric to the underside of
my lid. (I normally have bad luck when doing this, seems as though the lid won't close completely.)
But I used a thinner fabric, and the lid actually grips the jar, so it worked out.

After that 's done, your lid should be able to fit securely onto your jar.
I then took my hot glue and applied my ribbon around the bottom of my cushion.
This is optional but, if you would like you can add a flower to add just a little extra cuteness to your
pin cushion.