Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tea party-Diy paper tea bags

I absolutely love creating things. Today my daughter and I had a lovely tea party. We had some tea, pastries, cake and cookies. Sometimes I sneak in some real treats during our play tea party. She loves it!
Today I decided to create some paper tea bags for her tea party.
Materials needed:
craft paper
washi tape/optional
shape puncher/heart shape

Tea Bags-Start off by tracing out your tea bags.
 Using paint, create the colors you want for your
tea bags. 
Once they are dry you can now stamp on your tea bags.
 Using your stapler add a few staples leaving only an opening on the top  portion of your tea bag. Once that is all finished insert your yarn. Staple the yarn from the inside of the tea bag.
Tea Tags-Using craft paper, staple to end of yarn. 
Using hearts or whatever shape you have glue them to the tag. You can also use washi tape like I did.