Friday, July 12, 2013

Our week~

This week here in Colorado the weather has been in the 90's.
The little one and I enjoyed some water/bubble play out in the back, we had such a lovely time.
She did some splashing, and bubble blowing. And of course mommy was splashed a few times with the water. :)
This week we enjoyed some apples with peanut butter, and rice crackers with garlic hummus during snack time.
This week we went to the library for a craft and story, and the theme was dinosaurs. We originally made some dinosaur feet at the library but they ended up tearing. So of course once we got home I decided we would make our own.  So now we have a little dinosaur in our home, I love it! :)
My darling husband came home from work during the week, and surprised me with this lovely arrangement. I love him so much.
Today my daughter did some painting on her art easel, and we listened to some sing-a-longs, we also did some reading, and today's book of choice was, "The giving Tree"-by Shel Silverstein.
It's been a busy day, but we made sure to take out my daughter's wooden puzzle set. She really enjoys putting it all together, and I really enjoy watching her. :)
So how was your week? I hope you all had a wonderful week with your loved ones.
Thank you for stopping by, have a lovely weekend.