Sunday, December 22, 2013

Weekend love {Capturing moments}

Pretty lights, baked goodies, and family time-I could cherish these moments for a very long time. 

I've enjoyed evening's spent by our Christmas tree. -It just feels so cozy.

One of my favorite ornaments hangs in the very front of our tree. It's very special to me, and represents the love, and bond I have with my daughter. God truly has blessed us.

While deployed to the Middle East- my husband picked up this hand painted vase. It's traveled around a bit. It's now displayed on a shelf in our living room. 

Our daughter hosted a pastry party. There was plenty of goodies, and cakes with delicious whipped toppings. My favorite was the strawberry cake she prepared. 

Our nights included- Art, and family play dough creations. 

Our time was spent in the kitchen preparing simple dishes, and baking sweet goodies. 
We enjoyed a pesto chicken sandwich, along with a simple cucumber salad. 

Baking was kept simple. I made a quick batch of caramel apple cookies.

How did you spend your weekend?  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and enjoy time spent with your love ones. 

**Hello to all my readers, I appreciate all of you! **

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